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General advice

As patent attorneys, European Patent Attorneys and European Trademark and Design Attorneys we can offer you a comprehensive range of consultation services relating to all types of legal protection of industrial property rights. We represent your interest both out of court and before the relevant offices and courts.

In addition to our special range of services for patents, utility models, trademarks and registered designs, we place great importance on basic consultation relating to the development of a suitable IP strategy for your company.

We also advise in the areas of law relating to inventions of employees, law on licensing agreements and in relation to the sale or disposal of individual property rights or property rights portfolios (including due diligence).

We compile expert opinions relating to the legal status or the infringement of property rights and appropriate contracts for the economic utilisation of property rights.

In all areas of the legal protection of industrial property rights, we can build on the many years of experience within the firm since its founding in 1959.