Activity + Experience Patente / Gebrauchsmuster

Patents and Utility Models

We offer our clients the following services among others in relation to patents and utility models:

  • Conducting and evaluating (retrospective) patent searches, e.g. in preparation for your own patent or utility model application, to avoid infringement of the property rights of third parties and as a basis for an attack against property rights of third parties
  • Drawing up and filing property rights applications at the relevant offices (German Patent and Trademark Office, European Patent Office, World Intellectual Property Organisation)
  • Representing our clients before all these offices, including monitoring all deadlines and fee payments
  • Obtaining international patent protection via permanent cooperating offices in all relevant countries of the world
  • Drawing up license and technology transfer agreements
  • Conducting appeal proceedings against disadvantageous rulings and decisions of the relevant offices
  • Representation in opposition, nullity and cancellation proceedings against patents and utility models
  • Warning property rights infringers including obtaining preliminary injunctions
  • Conducting patent infringement suits using renowned and technically experienced attorneys at law
  • Preparing expert opinions on the legal status or on the infringement of patents
  • Setting up and evaluating ongoing patent searches for monitoring the competitive environment of our clients
  • Consultation and drafting of contract in connection with the law relating to inventions of employees
  • and much more.