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Registered designs

We offer our clients the following services among others in relation to registered designs:

  • Conducting and evaluating (retrospective) registered design searches, especially in preparation for your own registered design application, to avoid infringement of the property rights of third parties or as the basis for an attack against property rights of third parties
  • Drawing up and filing property rights applications at the relevant offices (German Patent and Trademark Office, European Intellectual Property Office, World Intellectual Property Organisation)
  • Representing our clients before all these offices, including monitoring all deadlines and fee payments
  • Obtaining international registered design protection under the Hague Registered Design Agreement, possibly with the assistance of permanent cooperating offices in all relevant countries of the world
  • Drafting licence agreements
  • Conducting appeal proceedings against disadvantageous rulings and decisions of the relevant offices
  • Representation in official opposition and cancellation proceedings against registered designs
  • Warning property rights infringers including obtaining preliminary injunctions
  • Conducting registered design infringement suits using renowned and technically experienced attorneys at law
  • Preparing expert opinions relevant to infringement
  • Setting up and evaluating ongoing registered design searches for monitoring the competitive environment of our clients
  • and much more.